Take a 10 kg bag of flour, some willing subjects, and an out-of-the-box photographer and you get some extraordinary images and a whole lot of mess!  See

Skin and Soul

Rodney’s project, “Skin and Soul” combines the art of photography and the art of tattoo with stories that will move you. Read more about it here.  Become a fan on facebook.

Our portrait studio

Eve Studios logoWhether you’re looking for images for your professional or personal life, Eve Studios is the place for you!  As always, Rodney spends time with you to discover who you are and what you need:  whether it’s a boost of confidence, a celebration of where you’re at in life, or a special gift for someone.  Visit us online or in person soon!

H2Oohhh! Gallery

H20ohhh! GalleriesRodney captures the fluidity and grace of the human form in water, as well as the playfulness of human interaction with water.  His use of light and reflection will captivate you! 

Where Can I Get Your Books?

Order online with free shipping.  Just click onto one of our other pages and you’ll find the paypal buttons on the sidebar.